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In Home Dog Training In Springboro Ohio


Are you tired of the chewing, excessive barking, bombarding guests at the door, jumping on people, getting on the furniture, biting, nipping or anything else that drives you crazy? Well, don’t put up with it any longer! Give us a call and we will come to your home and perform an evaluation to see whats going on and discuss the dog obedience training or behavior modification options that we are able to provide. Once we have been able to evaluate the situation and sit down with you to see what you hope to accomplish with training … then we will advise you of the dog training we recommend, how long it will take and what the cost of that dog training would be. We work with all breeds and sizes.


How are we Different

We don’t just train the sit, stay, down, walking on the leash type training. Sure, we cover those commands … but lets be real … there is so much more to owning a dog than just sit, stay, down and walking on a leash. Those commands are considered basic dog obedience with other trainers. We consider things like jumping on people, bombarding guests at the door, excessive barking, getting on the furniture, chewing, bolting out the door, counter surfing, begging for food and anything else you have going on in your home, to be basic obedience training.

Let’s face it … when your dog is hyped up and jumping all over your guests … how is “sit” going to stop the situation? What about when your dog is bolting out the door when it’s open … how is “stay” going to help when they are already half way out the door? We do train for those basic commands … but we also take a “real world approach” to training you and your dog. When your dog is so hyped up and at that moment, nothing matters to them … what do you do … what do you say? This is what makes us different. Contact us for dog training in Springboro and all surrounding areas, including Dayton.


Real World Dog Training

The Board and Train program is our best dog training program offered. When you think of dog training, you may think of having to load your dog into the car, fight traffic as you drive across town, finally arrive 15 minutes late, only to walk into a large store or warehouse. Now that your there, it’s time to wrestle your dog as you attempt to keep your dog from picking up items off the shelves or attempt to keep the dog from going after other dogs. As your become wrapped up in the leash, the trainer tries to explain what you should be doing, but you can’t pay attention because your wrapped in the leash. Now it’s time to take your dog home. On the drive home you begin to think about what you did in that class. Now you realize you didn’t learn anything that is going to help you in your home, when your dog is jumping on people coming through the door. You still don’t know what to do when your dog is on the furniture or is barking non stop.

Think about this as you pull into your driveway. Your next training session is a week away. What does this mean? It means your dog gets to go right back to the way they were for 6 days and 23 hours until the next session.


Board and Train

The scenario above is the most common type of training out there. It is also worthless! Lets look at a Board & Train program. With Dayton Dog Trainer, our Board and Train program is the very best type of training you can signup for. Instead of training in a store or a warehouse, we have you drop off at the trainers home. Your dog gets to become part of the trainers family for a short period of time. This type of training allows your dog to be a normal dog. Your dog doesn’t live in the back of a store or a warehouse. They live in a home, with the pizza guy coming to the door or the mailman coming to the door or the kids running in and out. The board and train is really important for training your dog for the real world. The Board & Train allows us to work with your dog 3 to 4 times a day, which allows us to accomplish a ton of training. Another great thing about the Board and Train, is that it allows us to work in real time, as life happens. Doing so, will provide a much more honest result. This type of training allows us to use real life scenarios as part of our curriculum. With most training facilities that offer a Board and Train, your dog tends to sit in a kennel all day, only coming out for about an hour to train through a few setup scenarios. Because we train your dog in a family environment, we are able to use real life situations to truly get a great result. The dog is also more comfortable and able to learn alot faster, as they are able to focus on training and not the excitement of simply being out of the kennel, like all the other training facilities.

When guests are stopping by, we get to work on the jumping and bad greeting. When we go to our kids ball games, we get to work on behavior in public. When food comes out for dinner, we get to work on boundaries in the home. This is Real World Training, for the Real World. While with us, your dog gets to learn in real time. They are able to live comfortably, receive 2 feedings a day, access to water any time and they get to be around other dogs as long as every one plays nicely. With any of our dog training services, Handler Training is provided with the Board and Train. The result is night and day!


In-Home Dog Training

Pricing for the Board and Train is also half the price of in-home training. In-home training costs more because your paying for drive time and hourly sessions. You only get about a 1/10th of the training with in home training, as you would with a board and train. We still offer In-Home Training, but we highly recommend against it if you are wanting more bang for your buck.


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NO Treats, Clickers or Shock Collars

We don’t believe in using treats, clickers or e-collars, while training your dog for basic obedience. Why should you have to carry around a stinky treat in your pocket to bribe your dog to listen to you? With clickers, your doing the same thing … the difference is … those who use clickers are using the fact that dogs are masters of association but, you still have to carry around something to command your dog. And finally … electric shock collars … this tool can be a great tool if used correctly, but the fact is … so many trainers don’t have the training or experience they need to successfully utilize this type of training.

Many think that when the dog does something other than what is commanded, that they shock the dog and re-issue the command. This is not the correct way to use this tool. From what we have seen, many trainers use the e-collar as an easier, lazier and less physical way of correcting. We don’t mean less physical for the dog, but more so, less physical for the trainer so that they don’t have to break a sweat. Because this tool is not always used correctly, it can cause your dog to become fearful.


Relationship with your Dog

Having your dog work for you because they fear you, is the worst thing that can happen. Yes, we want our dogs to have a slight bit of fear for us … but it is the same type of fear you have for your parents or the same type of fear some have for God. It’s the type of fear that allows you to know what they are capable of, if you don’t follow the rules. With our in home dog training, we will teach you how to properly command and correct your dog.

We believe that in our in home dog training, that our touch and our praise is treat enough for the dog. They will respond very well to the in home dog training as long as this method is used correctly. You know as well as we do … when you come home, your dog is happy to see you and all they want is for you to show them some attention and affection. This same attention and affection will have your dog doing everything we want them to do, because dog’s are loyal and they were born to please their masters. Our in home dog training will teach you all that you need to know, to properly command and correct your dog. Simply contact us for in home dog training in Springboro Ohio.


Personal Protection Dogs

Ohio has been a carry conceal state for some time now. Even so, there are some that don’t wish to carry a firearm but still want to have some sort of protection. Having a personal protection dog at home, is an excellent alternative to owning a gun. A personal protection dog is able to not only be that layer of protection for your home, family, office or business, but is still able to be that house pet your wanting. With a properly trained dog and handler, that protection dog can be all the protection you need and still provide a fun loving atmosphere for the family.

Many people think that because a personal protection dog is trained to bite, that the dog is mean. This is simply not true. Although trained to bite on command, this type of dog is also trained to release on command. We receive many calls each year from people interested in having their house dog trained for personal protection. About 99% of those requests are turned down for the simple fact that their house pet is not up to par for what we are looking for in a protection dog. It takes a special dog to perform this type of job. Stability is key along with drive. Many will say … “oh, my dog would be perfect for protection work because they are hyper and a bit aggressive. This is exactly what we aren’t looking for.

Being hyper and having drive are two different things. Being aggressive is completely opposite of what we look for. We want a dog that is fun loving, but has that edge. We look for complete stability, so that we can train that dog to a point where we can turn them on and off like a switch. For more information, checkout our personal protection dog page. Contact us for in home dog training in Springboro Ohio.


In Home Dog Training in Dayton & Springboro Ohio