Cost of Training

Cost of Training vs Replacing Home Furnishings


It always amazes us that some will choose to pass on training due to the cost, when their dog is tearing up everything in the house. It is most certainly cheaper to have your dog trained than replace the things your dog is destroying. We understand that some just aren’t able to afford training and we will always try to work with all size budgets … but for those that can, it is baffling as to why they choose to skip the training for their dog.

We get several calls each week with people telling us their dog has chewed up their furniture or has peed on their carpets or furniture or even chewed holes in the wall. Like with all potential clients, we perform an evaluation of their dog and a demonstration of our training to show them their dog is able to change. We even get those who signup, then call us back within hours to cancel because they thought about it and “right now just isn’t a good time”. So, we are curious … when is a good time to save your home from being destroyed?