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People normally do not set out to create an aggressive dog. Some inherit an aggressive dog through adoption without ever knowing until it’s too late. Not matter what situation you are in, we are able to assist in bringing balance back to your dog with our aggressive dog rehab and training.

An aggressive dog can be more than just a dog that bites … it can possibly cost you everything. If you have paid attention to the news lately, you are aware that there has been several dog attacks, children and adults fatally injured and major lawsuits filed. Again, an aggressive dog can cost you more than just a bite. Remember … aggressive dog training is always cheaper than a lawsuit.


What causes your dog to be aggressive?

There isn’t just a single incident or or situation that causes a dog to be aggressive … it can be a number of things. In many of the cases we see, it is over affectionating that sets the foundation for dog aggression. Many believe that if they love their dog or have the mindset that their dog can do no wrong, that their dog will be a friendly fun loving dog. Some believe that if they spoil their dog and take it everywhere with them and do everything for it, it will be friendly. This isn’t always the case. Yes, you should love your dog, but there has to be a responsible limit to the affection shown.

There has to be a balance between obedience, discipline and affection and many people tend to provide affection, affection, affection. Your dog begins to believe they can do no wrong. They are being rewarded whether they do right or wrong … so why not do what they want to do? With aggressive dog rehab and aggressive dog training, we are able to bring back that balance with you and your dog.

Listen Folks … Your dog is a dog. It is NOT a baby, child or even human. Yes, it does have feelings but it is incapable of rationalizing. Dogs don’t think to themselves … “if I bite someone, my owners could be sued and I could be put down”. It just doesn’t work that way. You have to treat your dog as if it is a dog … because it is. That doesn’t mean that you have to be mean to them or treat them as if they don’t matter … it just means you need to treat them like a dog, because that is what they are … they lick their own butt and eat their own poop … They are Dogs!


How to Fix an Aggressive Dog?

Once your dog crosses the line, there is very little you, as an owner, you can do. It is imperative that you retain the services of a professional. Without retaining professional assistance, you may make the problem worse or you may get hurt. Remember … a professional dog trainer is always cheaper than a lawsuit or medical bills. Aggressive dog rehab is not always expensive to obtain. Our aggressive dog rehab is solely based on each individual dog and its type and level of aggression.


How Does Aggressive Dog Rehab Work?

Once we have determined through an evaluation that your dog does or does not need aggressive dog rehab, we will base the length of time  off of your dog’s evaluation. Obviously we cannot know exactly how long aggressive dog rehab will take, but we can get a good idea. Our past experience with dogs that have gone through aggressive dog rehab will assist us in determining a good guesstimate. Aggressive dog rehab is not a rushed procedure. We will continue to work with your dog until we get the results we are wanting and we will also work within your budget.

We have several tools available in our arsenal. Not only do we conduct basic aggressive dog rehab but, we also employee medical avenues. Whether it be something such as acupuncture, supplements, medications or different types of holistic approaches, we will do what we need to do to save your dog. Keep in mind, not all dogs can be saved. If after an evaluation of your dog, we believe that we cannot save your dog, we will tell you. We will not waste your time or money if we believe aggressive dog rehab will not work.



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