Scent Detection Dogs

Scent Detection Dogs


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Scent detection dogs are utilized in government and private sectors on a daily basis. Having properly trained scent detection dogs, can match the work output of 3 humans, on average. These dogs are able to detect a scent, not detectable to the human nose, which provides the ability to detect one millionth the concentration of scent than a human. Having scent detection dogs available in your arsenal, opens up many avenues and sets your business apart from the rest.

Bed Bug Detection Dog Searching BaseboardIf you are in the pest control field, having scent detection dogs … or more specifically, a bed bug detection dog available to you, will not only bring in more business, but it will allow you to provide a massive layer of reassurance that you were able to locate even the smallest of infestations as well as the deepest of penetration to household or office furniture.

Termite detector dogs are another popular tool to have, as termites are able to be very elusive or hard to find. They cannot hide from the nose of a termite detector dog. Bed bug detection dogs and termite detection dogs are available to the private sectors, including small and large businesses.

If you are interested in obtaining scent detection dogs for your pest control business or for your police department, contact us to discuss your needs. All scent detection dogs, come with the handler course needed to properly operate a tool of this caliber.


Types of Scent Detection Dogs Available

  • Bed Bug Detection Dog Searching CouchBed Bug Detection Dogs
  • Termite Detection Dogs
  • Roach Detection Dogs
  • Mold Detection Dogs
  • Narcotics Detection Dogs
  • Currency Detection Dogs
  • Cadaver Detection Dogs
  • Handler Specific Scent Detection Dogs



Bed Bug Detection Dog vs Traditional Method Inspections

Bed Bug Detection Dog Accuracy

Bed Bug Detection Dog Searching BedProperly trained bed bug detection dogs are able to detect adult bed bugs, nymphs and eggs with a 97% accuracy rate. Using traditional methods, normally only adult bed bugs are able to be found by humans, with only a 40-60% accuracy.


Bed Bug Detection Dog Duration

A person inspecting your property for bed bugs normally takes an average of 20 minutes to an hour, per room, using traditional detection methods. With properly trained bed bug detection dogs, the average time is 2 minutes to 15 minutes, which greatly reduces the time of an inspection and allows your business to process a greater amount of business.


Bed Bug Detection Dog Disruption

Bed Bug Detection Dog Searching Electrical SocketUsing traditional methods of taking apart beds, furniture, moving large appliances. etc. can be a daunting task and causes major disruption to the occupant(s) of the domain. Utilizing bed bug detection dogs cause little to no disruption to the occupant(s).


Bed Bug Detection Dog Limitation

An inspection being conducted by a person can only be done with line of sight. These bugs can bury deep into furniture, baseboards, mattresses, and other various furniture items in the home or office building. Properly trained bed bug detection dogs are able to detect and locate bed bugs no matter how deep their penetration into furniture, mattresses, baseboards, etc..