Repeating Commands

Repeating Commands


When giving your dog a command, you should never repeat the same command twice in a row. For example, when you give the “Sit” command … you never want to say “sit … sit … sit … no, no .. sit”. At this point, you are no longer telling your dog what to do … you are asking. Repeating commands does not show leadership … it shows that you are willing to beg. Repeating commands also shows that you are willing to put up with waiting for your dog to respond.

When giving a command, your dog should only be given about a 1/2 a second to respond. For example, if you give a “sit” command, your dog should only have about a half a second, to a full second, to respond. That does not mean that your dog needs to be in the sit position within a half a second, it means your dog needs to acknowledge and respond within a 1/2 of a second. When the command is given, the dog should instantly begin to move toward the given command. The longer you allow, the longer your dog will take.


A Properly Given Command

A proper given command should be given as followed …

“Sit … No .. Sit”

A verbal and/or physical correction should be given in between all commands given.